Our greatest priority is protecting each customer at all times
We promise a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE as long as the buyer protection policy is met.
OnlyThrift is a safe space for all customers as we implement strict policies to ensure your safety. In the rare event of any dispute, a claim may be eligible for OnlyThrift buyer/seller protection. All transactions conducted through Onlythrift are carefully monitored and each customers money is held in the account of OnlyThrift until the customer is happy with the product delivered. We work as the middle man between the customer and the supplier. This middle man protection strategy allows the customer to send their money to OnlyThrift and we hold onto it until the supplier sends the product to the customer and the customer approves. If it happens that the item you ordered does not arrive or arrives but significantly not as described or shown in the pictures then you can contact us on, and request refund. Please note, any product is only refundable within 3 days of collection as buyers tend to wear the items purchased to go out especially on weekends and then attempt to return the products. At this point, it is quite difficult for Onlythrift to contact suppliers and ask for a return as they are skeptical on why the buyer may have taken so long to return the item. You will be asked for the order number, your name, phone number, proof of payment and photos of the damages. Your request will be reviewed and if the supplier had shown the damages in the photo and clearly described the condition in the description you will not be eligible for a refund but provided that the supplier had not been honest and transparent about the damages and condition in the description and shown it in pictures you will be issued a full refund and the supplier will be held accountable for misrepresentation and will face a penalty or suspended account after repeated offenses.

Please note that any issues must be reported to OnlyThrift within 5 days from the date of receiving your delivery in order to remain eligible for protection.

Buyer Protection Order
OnlyThrift ensures that your purchase is refundable in case of issues, such as:
* You did not receive the product.
* The product you receive is significantly not as described or photographed. 

Item Not Received claims
A buyers claim will not be eligible for a refund under OnlyThrift Purchase Protection program for a product Not Received claim, if:

* You collect the item in person, or arrange for it to be collected on your behalf or if you pay directly to seller by EFT ,PayPal or any other payment methods.
* If you did not pay to any of the OnlyThrift accounts.
* The seller has provided proof of shipment or proof of delivery we will be in favour of the seller for item not received claim even if you claim you did not receive the product.
* If you did not collect the item delivered in the time period prescribed by the courier service or if you were unavailable when the courier service delivered to you.

*If a buyer takes longer than 3 days to return the product.

OnlyThrift is not responsible for any losses, damages, incompetent service or failed deliveries of the courier companies. We recommend you contact the courier company as they work independently from OnlyThrift.

Significantly Not as Described claims
A product is considered Significantly Not as Described if:
* The product is materially different from the seller’s description of it.
* You received a completely different product.
* The condition of the product was overstated and misrepresented. Eg. the product was described as “new” but the product was used.
* The product was advertised as authentic but is actually counterfeit.
* The product is missing essential parts or features and those facts were not disclosed in the description of the production when you purchased it.
* You bought a certain number of products but didn’t receive them all.
* The product is unusable in its received state and was not disclosed as such.

A product is not considered Significantly Not as Described if:
* The fault/defect in the item was correctly disclosed by the seller in its description of the product .
* The product was correctly described but you did not want it after you received it.
* The product was correctly described but did not meet your expectations.
* The product has minor damages/scratches and was correctly described as “used.”

Offsite Transactions
A ubiquitous tactic utilized by scammers is to give a discount on the product entice users to go outside the Only Thrift system. Sellers who try to conduct transactions offsite are almost always fraudulent. Offsite transactions infringe on our terms of use and may not be eligible for OnlyThrift protection. For your safety, we urge you to transact only through Only Thrift as we use our middle man strategy to protect you. We ban users who attempt to conduct fraudulent , offsite transactions.

Please note that in-person meetups are ineligible for buyer and seller protection. If you make a sale or purchase on Only Thrift, the item must be shipped with tracking information in order to remain protected. We have no way of keeping track of your meetups and cannot protect you from meeting malicious strangers so we strictly advise against meet ups. Meet ups are prohibited with the exeption of meeting up with the official OnlyThrift staff Nadine or Leago.

Zero-Tolerance Fraud Policy
We take scammers and fraud extremely seriously. In order to keep the community safe for all Only Thrift users, the Only Thrift team continuously observe the marketplace for fraudulent actions and malicious buyers/sellers. Our Zero-Tolerance Policy means that anyone posting misrepresented goods, posting items they do not own, or engaging in any other malicious behavior will be immediately banned from Only Thrift. Please exercise caution when using the marketplace and help us track down any malicious activity by contacting us.

* Our team has conducted critical research on numerous brands and can thus tell and reject most counterfeit goods from sellers but this is not guaranteed.
* We highly suggest you do research on any items prior to purchasing to check for authenticity as counterfeit goods are becoming increasingly harder to distinguish from authentic products.
* If you do happen to see any counterfeit products, please alert us immediately so we can protect other buyers and keep our community safe and authentic.

If you didn’t find what you’re looking for, please contact us on: or Whatsapp 081 345 9653