Seller Policy

How do I sell my clothing?

1. Click the “Sell Your clothes” button

Located in the top menu bar of the website or in the left navigation menu bar in the mobile app.

3. Upload at least 3 images of the product
The more effort you put into making the photos as clear and as aesthetic as possible the easier to sell. Follow these steps to improve your images and maximize your chances of selling. Upload photos of the front , back , side , inside tags , packaging and any defects/damages of the product. Avoid using any internet photos of the product, we will have to remove your product from the site. Only use your own original photos of the product.
• Use a high quality camera. Utilize a professional camera when uploading from a computer on the website or simply use your mobile phone when uploading on the OnlyThrift application.
• Great lighting goes a long way. Look for spots with good natural light. Find a place in indirect sunlight perhaps by a window. Avoid shooting in dark rooms or when the sun is down as this requires you to use lights which are not always suitable for photos. Any type of artificial lighting will give your images warped colors, yellow tint and cast shadows which may retract from how your item looks in real life.
• Utilize a minimalistic, simple background. Hang the clothes on a clean, plain wall or use a clean floor or tabletop. Try make sure the background is not the same colour as the item as this disrupts the contrast. Avoid any unnecessary items around the picture that will distract the viewer unless its the rail, hanger, the tag or a plant for aesthetic purposes only in the background in a way that will not distract the viewer.

• Display numerous angles. Upload images of the front, sides, top, and bottom views. The more angles the better. Buyers like to know exactly what they’re buying so the more they see the happier they are.
• Show even the smallest detail. Upload images of the label, material type and quality, and upload any defects with the item. It is ok to be honest about the item, thrifters are ok with minor defects, so do not shy away from showing the exact condition of the item, they will usually still buy it and appreciate your honesty. This avoids them asking for a refund when they receive the item and its not what they saw in the images. The most honest sellers get the best rating.
• Insert any images of the packaging whether it be the box of the shoe, dustbag, the plastic etc
• Insert any till slips of when you bought the item at retail, this is not mandatory but it does help.
• Upload a tagged photo. Write your username on a piece of paper and place the paper next to the product in the image. This allows buyers to see that the product is yours and not some photo from the internet.

4. Select a category, style and brand
We like to classify our listings by Categories, styles and brand. Choose the category, style and brand that best fits your item. What are the Categories?

•Tops- These include all shirts, hoodies, sweaters, jackets, blazers, coats and dresses.
•Bottoms-These include all trousers, skirts, shorts.
•Footwear- These include all sandals, formal shoes, slides, sneakers, boots, heels.
•Bags-These include all handbags, tote bags, luggage bags, fanny packs and backpacks.
•Headwear-These include all caps, durags, hats, beanies.
•Extras- these include all magazines, boxes, packaging, art, collectibles, vintage cameras, skateboards and furniture.

What are the style groups?
These are the most relevant styles that you can classify your item under to help buyers see your item.
• Minimalist. For simple, Earth toned pieces. These are for buyers who prefer pastel colour palettes, less logo spell outs, clean cuts and a somewhat mix of formal and streetwear attire.

• Hypebeast. These are highly anticipated new drops such as Supreme, Jordan, Yeezy, Collaborations, etc. These are usually rare pieces and for buyers who value relevant brands and highly sought after, “hyped’ pieces eg. Supreme , Jordans , Yeezy , Off-white.

• Punk Goth. For a more edgy, rockstar look and any style under the gothic subculture usually focussing on black and dark garments and demonic accessories.
• Streetfashion- this is quite a vast category and holds many subcultures below it but here you usually find relevant brands and youthful trends wether its jeans or athleisure or anything you’d wear on a Saturday out with some friends.
• Vintage formal-These are formal, classy attires inspired by the 70s-90s era. Oversized blazers, plaid fabrics, bootlegs, fedoras etc.

What the the brands?
The brands go from any relevant designers to vintage brands. We also hand non-branded items as we highly believe style is not always defined by the brand of the piece but the actual design.

Notice our platform has no male/female category. We believe strongly that fashion is non-binary. This poses many challenges for us but we are willing to stand by our non-binary community by all means. We choose to exclude no one and include all in our safe space and community.
The most fashionable people are the ones who disregard any gender stereotypes in their style.

5. Fill in details about the product you are selling.
• Add a Designer.
• Add the Size
• Write a descriptive title (e.g., Yeezy 700 Alva 2020)
• Add a further details. Add the price, condition out of 10, measurements, shipping policy, and any links related to the item.

Copy and paste the below description if you want a template to fill in
[Insert description] What you’d like to say about the product…
Color: [Insert product colors] (e.g., Blue/ White / Pink)
Size: [Insert the size displayed on label of the item]  (e.g., Small, medium, large or UK8 if its a shoe)
Measurements: [Insert measurement] (e.g., Length, width, sleeve, waist, etc)
Condition: [Add a rating of how new, old or how damaged it may be and add additional comments] (e.g., 7/10 with a rip on the arm or stain on the collar, or shoe has some creases etc)
Retail Price: [Add the cost you paid for this product] (e.g., Originally paid R2000)
Shipping: [Add which co] (e.g., Next day with tracking)

6. Price Properly
• If you’re not sure how to price your item, look for similar items listed on on the internet. It’s always best to start your base price at a reasonably low amount and allow buyers to create momentum with the bids until you reach the price you are happy with and close the deal. You will select your base price and your bidding increments. It is recommended to keep R50 or R100 increments for items under R2000.

When you have completed inserting the required details needed to post, we will review your product to ensure it meets the standards of OnlyThrift and ensure your photo quality is reasonable and then your item will be listed in the appropriate section of OnlyThrift as well as on your individual seller page. We will send you a notification via both OnlyThrift chat and email when people send questions or submit offers.
Lets help make you money from your closet and end fast fashion at the same time